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My Last Love

He has long stopped seeing me, my last love. At first, when I would brush his cheek, he would shiver and swear I was there. And when I would call for him, he might turn. It has been too long now, and he is so sure that he is mad that he no longer hearsContinue reading “My Last Love”

The Countess de Mar

The Countess drops her glass and grasps her throat as the poison tracks spidery lines through the veins on her face. As you rise from the floor you see the Countess clutching her stomach, blood from the knife wound puckering between her fingers. You are paralysed as the abysmal mist passes over the Countess, witheringContinue reading “The Countess de Mar”

2020 Publication Roundup

It’s finally almost the end of 2020 – here’s what I’ve published this year and where you can find it. My first publication of the year was in Unspeakable: A Queer Gothic Anthology from Nyx Publishing. I was very happy to be a part of this anthology, and had a lot of fun meeting queerContinue reading “2020 Publication Roundup”

2019 Publication Roundup

It’s the last month of 2019 – here’s what I’ve published this year and where you can find it. My first publication of the year was Projector, a story about queer cinema that appeared in We Were Always Here: A Queer Words Anthology from 404 Ink. We Were Always Here is the largest publication I’veContinue reading “2019 Publication Roundup”

Fantasycon 2019 Roundup

It’s been a couple of days since Fantasycon 2019 came to a close, so “while I’m recovering from con crud” seemed like the best time to reflect on the weekend! I had an excellent time hanging out with old writing pals, and meeting new ones. This weekend was the first time I’ve been on panelsContinue reading “Fantasycon 2019 Roundup”

FantasyCon 2019 Programming

The programme for FantasyCon Glasgow 2019 has gone live! I will be appearing on a few panels and running an open mic, so please drop in and see me if you’ll be around! I will be at: Scotland on Screen, Friday 7pm Alien: 40 Years Later, Saturday 2pm Fanfic to Profic, Saturday 6pm FantasyCon FanficContinue reading “FantasyCon 2019 Programming”

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